Dear Church Family and Friends:
On May 31st, we will RE-ASSEMBLE as a Church body to worship corporately in our Sanctuary.  How will we do this and what precautions are being made to assure our safety?  Great questions!  Aurora Baptist Church has planned a gradual regathering of our people in a manner we think will allow us to worship corporately, provide essential ministries and at the same time allow us to safely inch back into a normal schedule.  Here are the details:
  • There will be TWO morning Worship services beginning May 31st and lasting through the month of June 2020.
  • Service times will be 9 AM and 10:30 AM.
  • We will livestream the 10:30 AM service for those who cannot or do not feel safe attending in person.
  • Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Wees will be offered at the 10:30 Worship service only.  Children’s Church or Kid’s Konnect will re-assemble later in the summer when the other ministries reconvene.  However, online worship will continue to be available for children and parents.  We encourage this age of congregant to worship with family until all ministries are fully started and functional.
  • We must maintain a safe distance between congregants at all times.  Every other pew will be roped off to assure ‘social distancing’ protocol and we encourage families to sit together and provide safe space between themselves and others.
  • Please refrain from handshaking, hugging and embracing.  I am sure a time will come in the future when these traditional greetings will be acceptable again, but for now, let’s refrain.  Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 3:5  “…there is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.”  We are in THAT time to REFRAIN at the present. 
  • Please wear a protective mask to the services if you have them…if you do not have one, we will have some available at the Church.  If you are running a fever or had a recent fever, persistent cough or been in contact with any who have tested positive for COVID-19, please worship with us online rather than in person.  If your health is vulnerable and you are high risk for contracting COVID-19, please worship with us online rather than in person.   Thank you for your consideration in these matters.
  • All L.A.B.S., Sunday Evening Services, Choir and Mid-week services will begin again later in the summer.  We encourage the LABS leaders to find a different time to gather their classes together so as not to interfere with the worship hours at 9 AM and 10:30 AM.  Perhaps Saturday or a Sunday Evening class or one of the other days of the week.  This imposition will only be temporary and will end in July 2020.
  • The building will be sanitized with hospital grade cleansing materials that is advertised to kill all corona viruses.  
  • Greeters will be at the entrances of the Church to open doors for you, so gloves are not necessary unless you feel comfortable wearing them.  Hand sanitizer is available.
  • There will be orderly dismissal of the congregation so as not to infringe upon the ‘social distance’ of each congregant.  
  PLEASE NOTE:  When we re-assemble on May 31st, 1/3 of the building is red-tagged and access is restricted and forbidden.  Please abide by the mandates given us by our city and construction firm.  We are looking at 4-6 months of reconstruction.  Hopefully it will be dried in within the month and we can see steady improvements weekly.  Until then, keep praying, continue learning, stay faithful to the Lord, His people and His Church.  To say we love and miss you does not seem adequate…but we do!  The entire staff is joyfully counting the days until we can meet for again for corporate worship. 
God bless you!   
Your Pastor,
Bro. Jimmy Withers