a11Praise is one of the most important parts of the ministry at Aurora Baptist Church. No matter whether it is in instrumental or vocal presentation, it is honestly a gift to God from our hearts. We feature a blended musical service. With a mix of traditional and contemporary songs for corporate praise, as well as special music. Our musicians have a wide variety of backgrounds in different styles of music from Bluegrass to Contemporary and every step in between. Each service is prayed over and designed to lift your spirit and challenge your soul to praise Him with your voice.
a13Prayer is more than the uttering of a few words at Aurora Baptist Church. It is sincere communication to God sharing our thanksgiving, praise and needs. Over the years, prayer has proven to be real in and through the lives of our church family and in the extended community. Designated times each week are dedicated to nothing but prayer and the sharing of praises of how God has blessed. Our prayer groups have journals with pages and pages of answered prayers notated. One of the most used ministries of prayer at Aurora is the Prayer Chain. If there is an emergency, we can contact a handful of our members and they in turn call others. Within a matter of minutes, there can be 50 to 60 people interceding before the Lord. He is a God who loves to hear His people call upon Him. Jeremiah 33:3 is the prayer theme of ABC, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”
The preaching at Aurora Baptist Church is based on the firm foundation of God’s Word. We love to hear God’s Word read, explained and proclaimed. The preaching is prayerfully and lovingly prepared as God leads our pastor, so that we can see and understand exactly what God would have us to do in our daily lives. Every week there are decisions made, whether at the altar or in the personal space at the pew. It is wonderful to sense God moving as His Word is proclaimed in truth and love. Bro. Jimmy is a gifted communicator of God’s truth and you will not only be blessed but also understand Godly living.
a14Giving to the Lord is an honor. This giving takes on many forms. All should give financially, because we are told to in God’s Word. At Aurora Baptist Church, we believe in tithing. We also believe in giving gifts on top of the tithe. Our church takes part in Faith Promise Giving for missions. This giving should be followed by giving of time and ability. The Christian of the 21st Century should take on the servant’s role, just as the early church did. There is a ministry in our church for every member. That is the way God designed the Church.